We have changed our name!

February 25, 2014

We are excited to announce that we have not only renovated our boardroom, but we have also changed our company name and branding to reflect our growing business and service portfolio.

Integrity House Business Centre changed its name to… Integrity Business Centre!

However, like the chameleon, the change is only skin deep. The focused, reliable and friendly business development services you have to come to trust remains.

In fact, with our new brand also comes a host of brand new marketing, sales and social media services as well the introduction of regular networking events so we can help develop and support start up businesses in more ways than one.

Our team of experts will still achieve outstanding results in your personal assistant, operational and business development services. Our team is still there every step of the way to help you develop.

Even though we are expanding our services, we are still small enough to help you one on one, but big enough to manage all of your business growth needs.